Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers an array of services by providers who make it their priority to get you back to health. Dr. Brian Garton and Dr. Brian Field are both extensively trained in a variety of techniques that are always catered specifically for each individual patient. When you come to Complete Chiropractic you will never feel like you’ve been shorted time. With our extended 15-30 minute treatments you will feel like you are our highest priority, because you are!

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637 Village View
Hickman, NE 68372 

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Mon. (Dr. Garton); 9am - 7pm; Tue. (Dr. Garton) 7am - 5pm; Wed. (Dr. Garton) 9am - 7pm; Thu. (Dr. Garton) 9am-12pm; (Dr. Field) 1pm - 5pm; Fri. (Dr. Garton) 7am -11am; Sat. Closed



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